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Jens Groetzschel - Film Composer

Award-winning composer Jens Grötzschel’s emotionally compelling music has been featured in a multitude of diverse projects in both the United States and Europe, including thrillers 'The Super,' starring Val Kilmer, and 'The Dark Side of the Moon,' starring Moritz Bleibtreu and Jürgen Prochnow. His unique ability to inject pure excitement and energy with his music has made him a natural fit for the action genre, while his gift for poignant, classical-inspired melodies has made him an in-demand collaborator for documentaries, including ‘Being Kosher' and also for the multi award-winning 'Afghans Don't Flirt.’ He has also worked extensively in television, providing the score for numerous German television programs.

Jens was born in the small town of Karl-Marx-Stadt, where he first started to learn classical guitar at age nine. Soon after, he started to make his first compositions, showing enough talent to be invited to attend the Music High School Schloss Belvedere and after this time he studied at the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar.

He showed a natural affinity for several instruments. He received a thorough education in jazz, classical, and rock music, but he always knew his true passion was film composition. He followed his dream to the Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg where he studied film composition and orchestration with some of the top talents in the industry, including Oscar-winner Cong Su and John Allison Campbell. He also studied music mixing with renowned engineer Gibbs Platen.

After he graduated, he had all the know-how he would need to make an immediate splash in the professional film industry.

While Jens quickly found success in Europe by working on the French – German – Austrian television series ‘The Culinary Adventures of Sarah Wiener,’ his major international breakthrough came with ‘The Super.’ Based on a script by ‘Black Swan’ writer J. McLaughlin, ‘The Super’ introduced Jens’s dynamic compositions to an American audience and firmly established him as one of the most exciting young composers on the international scene.


Jens is currently splitting his time between Los Angeles and Berlin, fielding numerous opportunities to add to his already impressive filmography. The versatility and emotional intelligence of his compositions make him the perfect collaborator to bring any film to the next level.

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